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A subreddit dedicated to the greatest band of all time: Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!

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A subreddit dedicated to the sport of triathlon, and all of its constituent components, quirks, and joys.

2019.04.10 07:40 Jackie_Mitchell Extremely Bloody Marys

Ever seen a bloody mary that has way too many ingredients? Post it here.

2023.06.02 20:32 GoodOlBluesBrother Surf Cinema - George Greenough’s ‘Echoes’

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2023.06.02 20:30 SuspiciousBig7220 what are we doing here?

what are we doing here? submitted by SuspiciousBig7220 to u/SuspiciousBig7220 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:21 SuspiciousBig7220 what are we doing here?

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2023.06.02 20:20 mandeep_rawat_ NGO guy didn't respond to me I just wanted to help them and unfortunately black one's died. What's your opinion? It'd be pleasurable for me if somebody share their opion on this

NGO guy didn't respond to me I just wanted to help them and unfortunately black one's died. What's your opinion? It'd be pleasurable for me if somebody share their opion on this submitted by mandeep_rawat_ to cat [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:19 Any_Equivalent174 what are we doing here?

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2023.06.02 20:19 PennThrowAway0 [email protected] locker closed — any idea why or when it's reopening?

I have been trying to pick up packages from the [email protected] locker in Commons but it has been closed all week. Every time I check online, it says it's going to reopen in a day or 2, but then it's still closed (like right now it says it'll reopen Sunday but it's misled me before haha). Anyone have any more intel about what's up or when it's actually reopening?
(I don't think it's closed all summer — it's been open during the past couple summers. I also don't lie on campus and haven't been by, so I figure there might be a sign on the door that I haven't yet seen.)
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2023.06.02 20:15 mandeep_rawat_ NGO guy didn't respond to me I just want to help them and unfortunately one died. What's your opinion? It'd be pleasurable for me if somebody share their opion on this

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2023.06.02 20:14 EpicDustyDevo Last night was the show of all shows for me

Been seeing the boys as often as I can since the mid-80's. Saw them with Jerry 30 something times, and the various other iterations at least once a year. Yesterday so many crazy things happened that I was reminded that sometimes the spiritual realm (or whatever you want to call it when things keep happening that feel coincidental but definitely are not) can sometimes be more in focus than it usually is. Once in a while you can get shown the light...
One example:
We were trying to find our daughter a t-shirt over on Shakedown before the show. She wanted something that said GD (Not D&C), tie-dye and with dancing bears. We went to booth after booth, not finding the right one. I'm close to giving up and just going back to the first tent we had come to and getting one that we kinda liked. We stop at one last tent first and there hanging up is a shirt from a concert in Eugene, OR that we went to in 1993. What a fun, random coincidence. Ahh, there we go - hanging right next to it is the perfect shirt for her. If I had more cash I would have picked up the '93 one as well for memorabilia's sake, but we got my daughter hers and moved on.
My wife and I meet this head while waiting in line and complimented him on his cool shirt, which was a Jerry with sunglasses pic, with the sunglasses having NY Yankees insignias on them. Not for me being from the West, but still cool. It was a custom shirt that has buddy made for him. I asked if he sells his work, but alas no. My wife remarks that she needs to remember this kind of thing for me for my next birthday. I tell her I'll show her the Jerry pic I like most if she wants to chase that idea down someday. Later on in the show, I'm googling images for the one Jerry headshot I like most, but can't find it. Screw it, I'll look later, show is about to start. A few songs in, this guy randomly walks directly up to my wife and hands her a brightly-colored sticker. Of Jerry. The headshot I was trying to find online but couldn't. I hear her say thanks, and the guy wanders off as I ask her what he handed her. Mind boggling... I'm like "Honey that's the picture I was trying to find for you".
One last example:
Like I said, I've been going to shows forever, and there were always two huge Dead songs that everyone knows and loves but which weren't played live in the second half off the GD's lifespan, and therefore which I had never heard live. Saint Stephen & Casey Jones. I know, I know, they're big obvious songs, not exactly deep "oooh you're a real deadhead" tracks. I'm not saying they're my fav songs, as there are some that I like more, but those were always the two that I thought would be amazing to finally hear live some day. Shoot I remember my wife during the 90s shows telling me how she just wants to hear CJ and she'd be happy, and of course they hadn't brought that one out in forever back then, so I would just say "It's never gonna happen sorry babe".
OK so last night as probably the most epic Sugaree I've ever witnessed is winding down, this random dude walks over to me from the next section and says "Hey man". I'm looking around, like "What? Oh you're talking to me? What's up buddy". He says, "They're going to play St. Stephen". I'm like, "Dude if that happens I'll die". He nods and walks off. Sugaree winds down, and a few seconds later I hear those iconic first several notes of SS... my mouth is hanging open, I scan to the right and find the guy who is watching me from his seat maybe 30 feet away. I point to him, show him my mind is blown, raised the roof, I don't know what else. Why did he pick me out and tell me? Clearly there was some connection and some reason he felt he had to tell me that SS was coming.
Wrap up:
I had been telling my wife all night the show definitely had an old school 60's-70's vibe to it, and wow maybe they'll play one of those two elusive songs. The energy was amazing. The solos during even the slowest songs were intense and powerful. But for them to bust out CJ coming out of Wharf Rat (a song which has a lot of meaning as well, but too much to type this time)... I just couldn't believe it.
They killed it. Best show of my life, the best concert of my life. Gonna miss these guys when they're gone. Everyone needs to find a high quality version of this show and give it a listen. You'll thank me later.
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2023.06.02 20:13 TheUltimateDaze Organization is already failing?

Organization is already failing?
Got this in the mail today. So probably the first queue will start before this distribution location? And only open from 08.00. Why can't they just send it digitally like any other motorsport event .....
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2023.06.02 20:13 Jimbo_Sandcastle Getting the weird feeling that life slips through my fingers. No matter how many events I do, people I meet, food I taste... they soon dissolve like smoke. Meaningful experiences in the moment, part of the past right after. Having left nothing but memories, who don't make tomorrow seem any different

I say this not in a melancholic tone (undertone maybe), more like a reflexion from outside. Like an observer watching things through a glass, not really being able to touch or hear them.
I cannot look forward to any new experience, because for how much I can enjoy them momentarily, they soon become just a memory. And when I wake up tomorrow, following the same routine, what will I try to find in whatever I do after work? What experiences am I looking for?
I can appreciate the smell of flowers and Spring, the beauty of nature in this period, the taste of a new dish and the atmosphere of a nice and tiny restaurant, some music coming from an open window... they just don't leave anything in the moment right after. As I'm back home, there are just the walls and still furniture. And I cannot fill that with colours, music or sounds for how much I try. It just stays still.
When I interact with someone, I can cherish their humour or cheerfulness, I'm interested in their story and opinions and what I can learn from them. But then they'll just go their way. Even if we're colleagues and see each other daily. In the end, when I'm sitting alone on a bench in a park or on a trail or a beach.. I'm experiencing stuff on my own.
I read "Into The Wild" and I treasure sharing experiences, compared to only doing them alone. But 5 years later, 10 years later, where are those experiences? I learned something, felt something back then, but what does it make if I'm not feeling anything much right now?
And constantly chasing them is not the answer either. Cause you're running and running and running.. towards what? What can fill you up emotionally?
Do you know that scene from "Pirates of the Caribbean: curse of the Black Pearl" where Barbossa explains how he cannot feel "Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea"? I feel them. They just disappear immediately after. And you cannot fill any moment with a feeling or an experience.

And I know what depression feels like, I don't feel that general numbness and lack of everything, neither desperation. Now I'm able to feel, but I have a hard time grasping it for longer than a fleeting moment.
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2023.06.02 20:13 NotAWhaleQQ It's MATCHDAY this Sunday 4th of June! ⚽️ SubMarinoAmarillo vs Colchonero at 4:30pm UTC - LosCelestes vs Blaugrana at 7pm UTC! Tune in to the following channels to catch the game live as FLOKI is taking the APAC region by storm. VAMOS🔥

It's MATCHDAY this Sunday 4th of June! ⚽️ SubMarinoAmarillo vs Colchonero at 4:30pm UTC - LosCelestes vs Blaugrana at 7pm UTC! Tune in to the following channels to catch the game live as FLOKI is taking the APAC region by storm. VAMOS🔥 submitted by NotAWhaleQQ to Floki [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:09 RosePinkGoth I can't do anything until my room is clean.

I know that sounds like an easy fix, just clean my room right?
It's kinda harder than that, just a little. I(f19) like writing and kinda a hoarder when it comes to paper. I have a big box of paper in my closet and some of it has scrap paper I can throw away, some of it is important story plots, characters and things like that. (We moved a while ago so I had to just toss it all in a box and it all just got mixed up).
The problem is, the closet is the only place I can put anything, and I can't clean out my closet until the box of papers are taken care of, which will take a while to take care of. I was in the process of taking care of the papers, but to put it simply, it was an organized mess. So my mom had me put them in another box and I'll have to go through all of them again. Plus it'll take forever to go through all the paper, it took close to a month for me to get through half the papers.
And when I said I can't do ANYTHING, I mean I can't start my job which I wanted to start some time this week and I can't go to the animal shelter like I do for about an hour every day they are opened (closed on Monday and Sunday)
I also want to move out of the house and live with my girlfriend and her family when I get my job, but I can't do that now cus I can't start my job until my room is clean, which is just GREAT.
I know this probably isn't explaining the best, I feel really frustrated and overwhelmed so i've been on and off crying and I'm just all over the place and my head hurts cus of me crying and staying up till one in the morning and waking up at 9 in the morning, trying to figure out what to do.
I'm hoping a clean perspective will help, let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to explain better. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 20:07 infamy360 Shout Out to My DD Driver, Ricki

Shout Out to My DD Driver, Ricki
Placed a scheduled order prior to the restaurant opening. Saw the order was accepted. I was surprised to see DD calling because I hadn’t received the notification that it had been picked up (mirrored apartment buildings can be confusing to deliver to).
It was Ricki, my driver. She was calling to let me know they’re fryer was down and asked if I’d be okay w/substitution or if I’d like to reach out to DD for a refund for my fries.
She was so cheerful and kind, I thought it was important to share an example of the really awesome drivers out there.
Ricki in Vancouver, WA who picked up an early Arby’s order, if you’re in this group, thank you for handling that so well!
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2023.06.02 20:05 OchoZeroCinco Locals, its tonight.

Locals, its tonight.
Upbeat. Not an advertisement (well kinda). Just posting to let my local friends know. See ya there. Its been a hot minute. Maybe GoodLion or Sporty first.
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2023.06.02 20:05 My_Own_Bi_lyfe Should I Ditch the Restaurant?

New Job Alert! Hello all! I currently work as a line cook at night and have only been doing so for a month. Prior to accepting the offer, I was in the middle of getting hired by a skilled nursing center as a full-time, 40-hour dietary tech. By accepting the diet tech job, I will moving up in life. My hours are 4-8 (Sunday) and 4-9 (Thursday-Saturday). Should I keep both jobs and eventually drop the restaurant job or simply drop the cook job? I enjoy being a cook but I also like working in the dietary department of healthcare facilities. Any advice is needed. For context, the restaurant hasn’t been busy and have told me not to come in a few times already (the entire restaurant by the way). Both pay the same per hour and I believe I can do both. Schedule wise, there are zero conflicts.
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2023.06.02 20:04 BadApprehensive5559 Translation of the stream of Eversax (KC Coach) talking about the Spring Cup, KC, Vitality, Bracket reset, Toxicity on social media, The RL scene farming impressions, etc.

New stream of Eversax talking about KC after the Spring Cup. I don’t know how many interviews we will have so I wanted, at least, to translate the recap of Eversax as usual.
This translation will be long and separated into 3 parts:
- Part 1: Spring Cup (Preparation, Vitality, BDS, Grand Final, ExoTiiK, Itachi, Playing many BO7s, fatigue, bracket reset)
- Part 2: Negative side of social media for “unpopular opinions” from “fans” and Pros/Coaches/Casters (Toxicity, pressure to perform, Negative comments, people farming impressions, mean people on the internet)
- Part 3: Other information (EU/NA level, player’s performance, Vitality's winning streak, best coach)
Link to the replay: (starts near: 8.23)
I would advise you to read the parts talking about Vitality + Part 2.
→ Part 1: Spring Cup
● Spring Cup
- Preparation (12.58): He was happy since they improved compared to the Spring Open. A top 4 is a great result, but they were not good. They worked a lot between the two regionals since they had to improve after the long post-Major break [In the last translation Eversax explained that they didn’t prepare correctly before the first regional due to schedule conflicts]. His players wanted to come back so bad but it was more negative than positive. Indeed, they started to play too much and It’s not the best thing on RL. You don’t use your time efficiently and you often finish by playing without thinking so you don’t improve. That’s why he told his players to take a break of 3-4 days between the two regionals. It was risky, but It worked because they played much better during the Spring Cup. It was the first time that KC started to play well throughout the whole minor.
- Devil Fruit and PSG Tundra(14.45): On Friday it was quite easy because they were stronger than Devil Fruit and PSG Tundra.
- Guild (15.03): To reach the top 3 they had to beat Guild, a team that won against Oxygen. He thinks that KC played really well leading to this no-match (4-0). Everything was controlled but he can’t say if KC was too strong or if Guild was too scared. He said that because Guild was totally different when they had to play against BDS. But in any case, they reached the semi-final winner bracket by beating Oxygen so Guild deserved to be there since their bracket was not free.
- Winner bracket final against Vitality: Vitality played well as usual while KC was just bad. It was a no-match and they were better so they deserved to win (11:20). Their weakness was more about mentality and maybe the last regional impacted their series. KC had difficulties playing well while Vitality took advantage of this weakness from the beginning. But as usual, there was no problem with the team and they used their break after to speak together (15.45). This sweep allowed them to realize that, in their head, Vitality was different from other teams and it was one of the reasons for their bad performance. Fortunately, they solved that for the next matches and it should not be a problem anymore. That’s not something new because they had the same apprehension with BDS and rival French teams last year. They took these matches too seriously even though they should not make any difference between opponents (1.00.40).
- BDS (16.12): When they came back after their loss against Vitality, KC was not the same team. Fortunately, this defeat didn’t negatively impact his players and they won 4-0. Even though it was closer than the result, they played well and you could see that KC was the better team on the field.
- Grand Final against Vitality: As a bracket reset is difficult he wanted his players to try their best. And he thinks that’s what they did (16.57). During the first series, they took advantage from the beginning and the games were great. In fact, he said that it was the most beautiful match he had ever seen as a coach because everyone was playing so well. It’s difficult to explain it but he had this special feeling where you had only 3-4 opportunities to score in each game because players were making few mistakes. The winner was only decided on who would have taken advantage of more opportunities. However, after the bracket reset, they had to play an OT of 5 minutes in game 1. For Eversax, It was not difficult mentally but It added one more game and players started to accumulate fatigue. It’s short but also exhausting since you don’t have any breaks + every game is intense. He still thinks that KC was able to fight until the end but Vitality deserved their win because they bounced back after the bracket reset. Indeed, they still had energy after the 2-2 to punish small details while KC was making mistakes that they were not used to doing (19.40).
- Preparation for the next regional (20.03): You could see that fatigue affected all players and the last 2-3 games were difficult with all these mistakes. Now he knows how to prepare his players better. Usually, they prefer to eat less before matches. But when you have to play 4 BO7s from 5 pm to 10 pm without anything in the stomach, it’s not the best thing. So they’ll try to adjust that for the next minor.
- Importance of each regional (21.25): Each minor is important to prepare the MajoWorlds. That’s why KC cares so much about minors and they’ll work even harder to win these tournaments even if Majors and Worlds are more prestigious. Why? Because all their efforts will allow them to prepare for the last step: Worlds.
- ExoTiiK: ExoTiiK was particularly good against BDS because he led coms. Eversax didn’t understand why some people thought that he was the weak link of the team because performances depend on the three players and not only one of them. They win and lose together (51.18). People continue to underestimate him but Eversax understood what ExoTiiK can do when he’s peaking. In general, he goes on every ball and he controls his moves so well despite his 0.30 dead zone (1.02.15).
- Itachi (1.05.14): Eversax was so proud of Itachi because he started the Winter Split thinking that he was the best player in the World, but after the 3rd regional + Major, he was a little bit disappointed. Eversax felt like Itachi was missing a small thing, but during this minor, he saw this small thing again. And overall he’s so proud of his 3 players.
- Conclusion of the Spring Cup (44.35): He’s proud of their run. Indeed, his players were individually strong in the first series of the grand final and they improved since the last regional. Yes, a top 2 is not enough, but that’s also good to have some competition within a region for motivation and improvement. This rivalry between KC and Vitality will push each team further and they are creating hype for the next minor.
● Double-bracket elimination format
- Playing many BO7s (08.38): Eversax thinks that players can play 4 BO7s in a row but it’s difficult to prepare these runs. It's the particularity of this format and different from the two other splits where you normally play 3 BO7s on Sunday with breaks. He thinks that BDS would have struggled much more since they started their loser bracket way before KC. A longer break could have helped, but he can’t blame the format because you can rest if you stay in the winner bracket. That’s why the only solution as usual is to win.
- Fatigue during the bracket reset (11.50): We saw that It was difficult to stay at a high level between games. They made so many mistakes due to fatigue and it didn’t affect only KC. For example, Radosin’s own goal was unlucky and he saw that he was tired too.
- Mentality throughout the bracket (12.25): It’s difficult to not mentally drop after a 4-0 but KC bounced back and swept BDS too. They even won against Vitality once to reset the bracket. Maybe playing in boot camp would have helped to deal with fatigue but it's difficult to play at that level for so many games with so much coms.
- Is resetting the bracket too difficult?: He knew that this format gives a huge advantage to the winner bracket so it’s almost “impossible”/too difficult to reset the bracket and win the final. He just wanted the team to play well from the beginning and try their best (16.45). Still, for Eversax, this format is not the best. Indeed, it’s rare to have a bracket reset and you can see it because, for this season, KC was the first team to reset the bracket. It’s so rare to reset the bracket, but even more to win the second series. And he would say the same thing if KC was still in the upper bracket. You should have a clear advantage for the winners, but not a 80% chance of winning. Still, Vitality played well and they needed an advantage. The format is the same for everyone and if they want to rest more, KC has to win, so there’s no excuse for their loss in the Grand Final (19.05).
- BO9 with 1 game in advance (11:40): For him a grand final in BO9 with one game in advance for the winner bracket could be interesting. However, he thinks that Psyonix will never accept BO9s so It’s complicated.
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2023.06.02 20:03 ExistingMagician5784 An employee at a donut shop was a serial killer

Every Sunday morning I go to a local donut shop called sunshine donuts. I go when I need to get my mind of things but one day my boss called me to work more because business was going low. At 10:30 I was finally ready to go home, I got to my car and went straight to the donut shop.
When I got there the place was empty and no cashier I waited for what seemed like hours but then I glanced to the counter and the cashier finally show up. I got up from my seat but then I got a chill down my spine. There was something about the kid's face that just really creeped me out. He was very skinny and pale and I noticed his hands were dirty with long nails. I also notice that he recked of dead carces and vomet, and he just staird intently at me for what felt like 10 mins but then he finally spoke, he said "what can I get for you sir" in a very high pitched rachy voice for a kid.
I said just a classic donut with a coffee. Then he smiled and walked away. He made me wait for quite sometime. Then he came with my donut and my coffee. In the same weird voice he said enjoy. This kid was really starting to creep me out and I had so many questions, why is the place so empty tonight and what's going with that kid but I just wanted to take my donut and my coffee and leave. So I grabbed my donut and walked to the door but I realized it was stuck.
The kid then said, oh I hope you don't mine waiting the door likes to stick and I forgot to oil the door, then he walked away. I thought nothing of it then went back to sit down again I waited and waited and waited, I checked my watch and it was exactly 12 am and the kid still was nowhere to be seen and I started wondering what in the world is going on back there. And I don't know why but I decided to open my cup of coffee. I opened it and the coffee was red I looked at it and I realized it wasn't coffee it was blood.
I was shock I drop the coffee but then I saw on eye ball in there I yelled in panic, what is going on! I yelled. Nobody answered, then I yelled Answer me! Still nothing. But then I felt like I was in danger I kept trying to open the door and I heard someone say, you can't leave. That's when I finally got scared I grabbed a chair and through it at the window causing to shatter. I jumped out the window and started running as far as I can, but then when I look back there was a sign that said closed. At that moment I was really confused but then I remember that place closes at 9pm.
I went home locking all my doors and windows and just tried to forget about all this and try to get some sleep. The next morning I reported this kid to the police and a few days later I was watching the news on tv and they arrested the kid, and it turn out that a 18 year kid went crazy and became a serial killer and he killed the the employees closing the donut shop I went too. To this day I'm still very lucky I got away when I did.
I never went to that donut shop again. And sometimes I try to forget about it but who knows I probably never will.
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2023.06.02 20:03 Cmay114 Kittens and cats for adoption

Kittens and cats for adoption submitted by Cmay114 to Birmingham [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:02 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator FULL updated course And 3,000+ MORE FREE courses

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2023.06.02 19:59 autotldr Treason trial of Russian hypersonic missile scientist begins

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A prominent Russian scientist involved in the country's hypersonic missile programme has gone on trial accused of state treason amid tight secrecy and concerns over the health of the elderly defendant.
Anatoly Maslov's trial opened in St Petersburg on Thursday, the first case against three hypersonic missile scientists who worked at an institute in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk and who are now facing what the Kremlin has said are "Very serious accusations".
A source close to Maslov,76, told the Reuters news agency that the missile scientist had suffered two heart attacks and spent time in hospital since his arrest last June in Novosibirsk.
Colleagues at the Khristianovic Institute issued an open letter on May 15 in support of the three jailed scientists that attested to their innocence and patriotism, noting that the accused had shunned the possibility of highly paid jobs overseas to dedicate themselves to "Serving Russian science".
Details of the accusations against the three are classified, but the news portal of the science city where they are based said Maslov was suspected of passing secrets to China.
Soon after his arrest, Maslov was sent to Lefortovo prison in Moscow, a former KGB interrogation site, before being transferred to St Petersburg to stand trial.
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2023.06.02 19:54 asnowballinhell Tonight's Show (06/02): History of Rock Music Open Lines

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2023.06.02 19:54 GobNarley New to the Industry and Wow.

 I'm a home cook /hobby cook. I do all the cooking in my family of 6. Wife 2 boys 2 girls. And cook for all the family get togethers, Christmas Thanksgiving etc. Without boasting too much it's something I enjoy and I put a lot of thought and care into my cooking . 
I'm a handy man by trade but recently decided to try my hand at actual Kitchen work. A new fancy restaurant just opened in my town and they needed labor and have competitive wages. So I talked with the owner and got on as a line cook. Started well enough, brand new shiny Kitchen with a young and enthusiastic head chef they hired from across the country. Good kid. I liked and respected him. We talked about food and were collaborative on menu ideas, specials and what not. I took naturally to the position and fit in well with the crew, squad vibes. Unfortunately that only lasted for about a month. One morning as I was just finishing opening the line and the first orders were popping in our head chef comes bursting through saying " That's It I'm done!" Owner is fast on his heels saying "oh calm down! Just make what I ask for dude this isn't all about you!". I'm am obviously alarmed listening over my shoulder as I am working my stations trying not to get behind. Head chef : " That is not what this is about , but you go ahead and control the narrative like you always do ! Owner : "Okay, your done. Good luck finding a better job sorry it didn't work out!" Head chef : " I'm fucking sick of this shit! " Walks out. The sous chef and I are surprised and concerned obviously. I say to her " he'll be back right?" She says" I don't think so" I say to the owner. " we need him". He say" no we dont,, it'll be fine". Chef came in to pick up his check a couple weeks later and thats the last we ever saw of him. The feeling in the kitchen is that without defined leadership everything will go to shit. The Title , pay and responsibilities should naturally got the sous. She is qualified and capable to run the line although only 22 and maybe a tad unimaginative she is the only person there that can actually do it. My thinking is that the owner having lightend the payroll by a hefty sum would like to see if the kitchen will run itself. I'm to old and worldweary*36m. I will not be doing any head cheffy things< at all >without adequate compensation and a clearly defined leadership role. And although I have leadership experience the sous really is the obvious choice as I am still very inexperienced in the industry. Like I can work my stations well but I can't do that and make sure everyone is doing there's well at the same time. Needless to say business is suffering. Fryers haven't been cleaned in weeks. No one's is in charge of anyone so basically any and all side work/cleaning is basically optional, so that's not happening. Plating is terrible. New hires are working shifts with new hires and "training themselves" lol. There have been obviously avoidable fuckups. Front of house has never had proper management so they just do whatever too. I've spoken with the owner about management he doesn't care. I'm getting out of the kitchen. There are bartender shifts where I can work alone. I made a deal with the owner that if I'll open the kitchen a couple days a week then I can get trained as a bartender and start picking up shifts doing that, otherwise I'm out altogether. This place stresses me out. I don't know how to not care but I have to try because he doesn't pay me enough to fix the problems. If this Bartender thing doesn't pan out I still have my truck and tools. But it's exiting doing something new.
Wish me luck.
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