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2023.06.02 20:36 Exciting_Moment4332 Any of these Holos not worth grading? And any idea what Charizard this is?

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2023.06.02 20:36 drewdean201797 What else would you expect from the dragons?

So the dragons show no respect to Arthur, are even trying to turn his people against him, and even tortured caera. Would be lying if I said I didn't see it coming.
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2023.06.02 20:35 whoadwoadie P.U.R.E: Zero the Fool, or What Is a Push to a Team Never on PPV? Maximum Male Models in the Big Leagues

You Better Work
Raw 6/5
Strowman and Ricochet lay heavy fire down on Maximum Male Models. The duo appear beat, but Mansoor manages a surprise sunset flip on Strowman for the win. In a post-match segment, they call it a foregone conclusion. “Some are born great,” Mace simply states, “and we are two of those born great.”
Throughout summer, they keep building the delusion, using cheap tactics for cheap wins and always celebrating like it’s a Tokyo Dome classic. MMM face Akira Tozawa and Apollo Crews, and Mace wildly discus clotheslines until he hits Tozawa flush and schoolboys him for the win. Mansoor tires Xavier Woods out with wild goose chases around ringside before he locks in the clingiest of sleepers. There’s a little skill, but it’s mostly ambush.
Maxxine Dupri meanwhile continues her enticement of Otis but subtler and more insidious. She flatters his ego and “innate beauty,” but she also hints at how so many people laugh at him as stupid. “Some are born great, but others can’t see it.” Gable tries to call out her toxicity, but nobody’s listening.
A few weeks out from SummerSlam, Alpha Academy face down with Maximum Male Models. Dupri makes an ultimatum: join the ones born great or reject your own greatness to remain his student forever. Gable puts on a clinic by thwarting each of Mace and Mansoor’s tricks, but the Models keep him in the corner. Finally, he makes a tag, and Otis makes a choice: he bulldozes over his mentor and joins Maximum Male Models.
From here, Otis becomes yassified Tommy from Goodfellas. He’s funny because he’s a funny man, but he thinks he’s the butt of the joke, and he hates it. So, when people laugh, he lashes out hard He also turns more diva as befits a male model stereotype. When something isn’t going his way, he screams at whomever is nearby.
Gable declares that he doesn’t want to fight Otis, but he does want to fight the people who took him away: Maximum Male Models. They agree to wrestle him at SummerSlam but note that he doesn’t have a partner. However, Gable had one a time ago who’d be more than willing to show jerkwads what wrestling’s all about: Shelton Benjamin.
Benjamin and Gable bust out all the Olympic grappling they can muster and keep the heat on Mace and Mansoor. However, MMM keep finding tricks to escape from the suplex or lock of the minute. They wear the two down and hit a big senton doomsday device for the win.
They’re Too Sexy
Defeated, Gable rededicates himself to training so that one day, he might be ready to face his former student. We see vignettes of him in the gym, and he has “sparring sessions” but keeps psyching himself out.
The Models tout this win as further proof of the “it they’re born with.” However, Johnny Gargano contests this. He’s worked hard to get here like a million other guys. Nobody’s born with achievement. Dupri retorts, “That’s where YOU are. Where WE are, you must possess It within you.” So, he challenges them to a match. Mansoor snipes with dropkicks and slingblades, but Gargano dodges and locks the Garga-No Escape for a submission win. Otis wants to avenge the loss and smothers him out, but Johnny Wrestling stays cool and works an elbow free for strikes. Once he escapes, One Final Beat and pin. Mace changes it up by actually wrestling, and he pins via hossing.
Dupri and Gargano argue about whether it was legitimate since MMM reach “exponential greatness” as a unit. So, Gargano calls in some friends: Dexter Lumis and Cedric Alexander, here to get the win back for Benjamin. This is to decide who truly is the better group: MMM’s natural brilliance or The Way 1.5’s work ethic.
Extreme Rules 2023
Models try their usual tricks, but their opponents wise up and take them out time and time again. Dupri tries to interfere, and Candice LeRae chases her out. Backed in a corner, the Models go full nasty heel with it. Stomping, choking, whaling, isolating, they take it very brutal, and it pays off! Otis pins Gargano with a chain Samoan Drop.
Teenage Hand Model
Chad Gable returns to Smackdown in October on fire and secures the US Championship from Austin Theory in a marvelous series of suplexes. He declares he wants his first opponent at Survivor Series to be his old partner: Otis. The two trade promos about how Model Otis got so much more respect and achievement versus the friendship and honor they used to have in the Academy.
Survivor Series
Mace, Mansoor, JD McDonagh, Bronson Reed, and Mustafa Ali lose to Smackdown’s LWO, Jimmy Uso, and LA Knight in a nice little “talk smack and find out” cross-brand match.
Gable and Otis have an emotional match where the teacher hesitates to cause harm, but the student is not so thoughtful. Eventually though, Gable wills himself to Angle Slam Otis and retain. THANK YOUUUUU.
Mansoor and Mace declare they want gold befitting their excellence, but they’re not alone. Street Profits, the reunited Broserweights, and Pretty Deadly all want a shot at Owens and Zayn’s tag championship too, so Triple H declares a tournament; winner gets their shot at the Royal Rumble. MMM use their power of trickery and blunt force trauma to sneak wins past the Broserweights and Street Profits.
Royal Rumble
Otis gets a nice run of eliminations and strongman stunts before Dragon Lee takes him out.
The ultimate test of their inborn greatness thesis. Mace and Mansoor give hell with springboard moonsaults, trips, Mace dropkicks, and especially working the Canadians’ legs so they can’t walk, much less hit their signatures. However, these guys conquered the Bloodline. With a ferocious assault of monkey flips and cannonballs, Owens and Zayn defeat MMM, though not without a few kickouts and a StunneHelluva Kick combo. Thus, while not champion, they are legitimate and notable contenders.
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2023.06.02 20:34 ItsFud What should I do about the nether?

I am currently working on a YouTube video where I survive 100 days in a half chunk minecraft world. I have an end portal at the bottom of the world so I can beat the dragon on day 100. I originally set the nether world border to be 1000x1000 blocks so I could have access to a fortresss but it doesn't fit with the video theme of half a chunk. Then I tried working on a tower type thing with Parkour, and a fortress type thing at the top. But that also didn't feel right? What should I put in the nether to give me fortress and ancient debris access?
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2023.06.02 20:34 WinterSelection2539 Failing exam I studied hard for

This will be a longer one sry.
Hi, I'm a freshman currently studying computer science. I've touched coding four months ago and finally started. According to my partner who is a senior in compsci and others, I am doing extremely well but I cannot think of myself as that.
I have always struggled with Math. I simply cannot pay attention like it is with most things and am a chronic procrastinator. I zone out and it didn't help that my Teacher would judge us for it all. Highschool killed off my love for Math and for academics in general. I was good at Art but not good enough at it. Same with lots of other things.
Come end of Highschool, I started trying again and managed to stay among top graduates. However, I still feel insecure over this since I was not at the top. I can't really help it. Comparison is the thief of joy but its just something I have been trained by my household to do.
It does not help that my partner is a genius and top academic scorer. I compare myself and fall into a pithole. I am taking a course he is taking. Albeit the difficulty spiked now, I bombed two tests in the course. Everything else was great. I studied hard for them too but I felt like nothing paid off. In the end, it came down to two lines of code that cost me always almost half of the entire test marks. Granted, I passed the last one but I was studying for 100 marks. I knew it was doable. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I studied the material. Did past problems. Always did them well. When it comes to the actual exam, I freeze and become anxious. I usually manage to push through but it always comes down to minute details.
My partner did extremely well in these and I am killing my own confidence off this way. I am joining all these activities to better my learning. I am trying to tap my toes into Machine Learning which is what I was initially interested in as a kid. I always just thought I was too dumb to do it. Now that I am taking initiative I am overwhelmed by how much I have to learn and how much foundation I lack.
I feel like I must be studying wrong or maybe I am just thinking about things wrong. I can't really help the comparison to all these people. I just wished I did better in Highschool. I feel like its too late for me to catch up now. I just transferred out of another Uni degree and have been enjoying computer science, but the blows of confidence and the new outlook I have on my own skills are terrible.
I just don't know where to start and keep a healthy approach to studying. I don't have the best consistency and often burn out quick. I am scared of preparing hard and once again bombing another coding exam. I need 90% in my final to get a high A which is what I want for my gpa and to prove to myself that I actually do have a brain. But I don't even know if I want to start and give it my all because if I end up failing it just means that this field might not be for me even if I enjoy it. I am just so mad at myself and wish I was better in things that mattered. Maybe my brain just isnt designed for this stuff.
Sorry for the panicked rant.
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2023.06.02 20:34 TheMoon95 Playlist won't play through episodes

Playlist won't play through episodes
Hey all, I've been messing around with playlist code for vlc in an effort to get my dragon ball z episodes to skip each intro and outro. Whatever I have done has successfully adjusted the start and stop times however now when an episode hits the stop time it just jumps back to the start rather then going to the next episode. The loop button is disabled and the repeat all option in the playlist settings is disabled but the issue persists. I'm using a m3u playlist as it seems to have the easiest code, I'll attach a photo of the code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 20:33 GTSBot [GTS] New York definitely deserves it

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2023.06.02 20:33 Unable_Pea_6744 Raid Shadow Legends Account Services

My name is Derek Wolfe, my brother and I have been doing takeover services for the last year. End game players ourselves, we hold several hydra records as well as record dungeon times, we offer a multitude of RSL gaming services, such as Hydra, Clan boss, and gear cleansing. OUR PRICING IS AS FOLLOWS HYDRA Normal - $30 Hard - $40 Brutal - $50 Nightmare - $60
GEAR CLEANSE Basic Gear Cleanse - $25 WIth Coaching - $40 Advanced Gear Cleanse - $70 With Coaching $85
OTHER SERVICES All Dungeons Stage 20 - $20 Stage 25 - $30 Clan Boss - $40 Stage 10 hard(spider ,dragon , ice golem) $40 Stage 10 hard fk $ 50 Arena - 1 offense team $20, 1 defense team $20, 3vs3 $50
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2023.06.02 20:32 strahd-enthusiast I just finished my two year long level 1-20 homebrew campaign. AMA.

After around 2 years, my 1-20 homebrew campaign drew to a close last night. There were laughs, there were tears, and a PC ascended to godhood. I’m super proud of all of the work I put into it, especially with a very length set of ending slides like you’d find in a CRPG that summed up all of their accomplishments.
The campaign began as a simple level 1 open world fantasy sandbox, with the players gathering resources to eventually set off and fight a dragon. One thing led to another, and the campaign eventually spiraled until they fought a fallen Angel, went to the planet of Mars to fight an empire of mind flayers, and concluded with a confrontation over a magical ancient wish granting artifact.
I’m just super excited to talk about it, so if anyone has any questions, ask away!
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2023.06.02 20:28 gegeggeeg Equipment for mage, mid-game

combat level 22 with a budget of 9mil+ and I need equipment that will boost anything mage related. I'm a pretty beginner so any help regarding the increase of damage or mana as a mage would be appreciated. Note-Currently using full necrotic wise dragon with aurora staff. (what I mean with equipment is belts, gauntlets, and such)
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2023.06.02 20:27 Retro_Sapien An actually good vanilla server that doesn't die in a week. - RetroVerse- 1.19 . Hermitcraftlike SMP ,18+ [SMP] [VANILLA] {18+} {1.19}

i'll make it quick! Are you tired of join servers with immature kids , where everyone is already stacked up to their throats with certain people inside the server who spoil the fun for you by speedrunning every farm in the game just for the server to die in a few weeks or months.
We're a chill laid back minecraft server filled with adults from anywhere in our 20's and till upwards of 50s. We strive to provide that "hermitcraft like" vanilla experience by making our community as tight knit as possible. its been a couple of weeks since the server started (we haven't gotten netherite or killed the dragon yet) Unlike most servers we have a community that actually interacts and keeps the server active.
if this sounds like something for you , you can add me on discord RETRO#6228 for application details.
discord invite :
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2023.06.02 20:26 myboimelvinmole [USA, CA] [H] Minish Cap CIB, Pokemon SoulSilver w/ Big Box, NES, N64, GBA/GBC, DS, Gamecube & PS1-PS3 Games + Figures [W] Want List, Offers

I've included a list of stuff I'm interested in at the end. I'm mainly looking to trade up or trade 1:1, trying to downsize my collection as much as possible. Please let me know if you want more photos of anything!

Final Fantasy 8 Quistis Trepe (Limited, Kotobukiya)
Diablo II Unraveler Figure (NIB)
Diablo II Lord of Terror Figure (NIB)

Lightning Rod Metallic
Life Creation Crystal
Cynder (Clear) - OPEN BOX
Dinorang Silver - LOOSE
Stink Bomb - OPEN BOX
Hot Streak
Hot Dog
Bone Bash
Fright Rider
Eruptor Silver
Blackout (x2)
Light Trap (Variant)

Nobunaga's Ambition CIB
Bubble Bobble
Donkey Kong Classics
Adventures of Lolo
Adventures of Lolo 2
Legend of Zelda
Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3

Earthworm Jim 2 - No Manual
Mega Man X
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (Hard Trade)
NBA Jam - Box Only
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Game + Manual, Tape on edges of manual

9.0 CIB WATA Graded Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Game and Watch Gallery 4 - CIB
Legend of Zelda Minish Cap CIB
Lego Star Wars CIB
Pokemon Fire Red - Loose
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 GBC CIB
X-Men The Official Game - CIB

Monster Racers CIB - Hard Trade
Pokemon Soul Silver Big Box w/ game - No pokewalker, tear in bottom corner, some Japanese parts, inner game has all inserts:

Donkey Konga Bundle (1,2 & Bongos, box in rough shape, bongos bejazzled):
LOZ Wind Wake Master Quest Dual Pack (w/ both manuals (CIB?), small puncture hole on back cover otherwise very nice) (Hard Trade)
LOZ Collector's Edition (CIB, NM)
LOZ Ocarina of Time Master Quest (CIB, cosmetic damage to manual + disc but works fine)
LOZ Wind Waker (w/ insert, no manual)
Resident Evil 4 CIB
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (no manual)
Sonic Heroes CIB
Starfox Assault (w/ insert, no manual)
True Crime New York City CIB

Blasto - CIB w/ Reg Card
Omega Boost - CIB
Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi - CIB
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Do You Remember Love- CIB w/ Reg Card
Time Crisis Big Box CIB w/ Gun Con (Near Mint Condition)
Um Jammer Lammy - CIB

Eureka Seven Vol. 1 CIB

Afro Samurai w/ Slipcase
The Godfather- The Don's Edition
God of War Collection - stickers on case
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 - sticker on case
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - sticker on case
The Sly Collection

Thunder Force III: CIB

ATARI 2600
H.E.R.O. - Loose

Sealed The Horde

Mangazine #43 (Antarctic Press 1996) First U.S. Appearance of Dragon Ball - RARE
Pokemon The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1-4 (Complete) Viz Comics
PS1 Mouse Accessory
PS1 Console In-Box (Local preferred, South SF Bay Area)
Sega Dreamcast In-Box (Local preferred, South SF Bay Area)
SNES Console In-Box (Local preferred, South SF Bay Area)
NES Action Set In-Box (Local preferred, South SF Bay Area)
Sonic R Retail Box (Rare) - Sega PC, No Disc, Small Tear on Box but Otherwise Good Condition
1998 Tekken 3 Promo T-Shirt w/ Box - Super Rare, Hard Trade

WANTS (Must be in good condition):
**Ultimate Spider-Man Limited Edition PS2 Complete MINT**
**Pokemon Heartgold and/or Soulsilver Walmart Version**
Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions & Web of Shadows PS3
Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2 DS CIB
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2023.06.02 20:26 Hikari_Nova help finding a crossover fic

so the fic i'm looking for i think it was a gamer izuku fic but i can't be 100% sure, anyways in it izuku has the ability to turn into and even interact with character from different series one of which i found amusing as it was Nightmare Moon from MLP mainly because 1: izu was turning into a mare when he turned into NiM and 2 because NiM's 'evil' wasn't really all that evil due to her 'evil' being from a literal sunshine and rainbow's world where a scary face and sounds or literally jumping out from a corner shouting BOO! would be equal to a horror film slasher jump scaring someone in most worlds including IRL
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2023.06.02 20:24 Albeanies1 The Steve VS Terrarian debates in a nutshell

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2023.06.02 20:24 RegisterAncient1991 Strategies for remaining calm

I had my first miscarriage about a year ago, and I recently discovered that I’m pregnant again. I’m having light spotting and I know it’s common but my cortisol is spiking. What are ways people deal with this kind of anxiety? Last time I didn’t stress and I was just excited, didn’t think anything bad would happen. But, this time I’m really scared it’s going to happen again now that I know the trauma of it. I know many of you have way more intense experiences- but just looking for support
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2023.06.02 20:23 wekeymux Carros de foc, expected conditons

Hi everyone.
I had a plan to undertake a week long hiking route in carros de foc in the pyranees.
I was planning on going during mid-late June, I only have shoe spikes at the moment, does anyone know what the conditions will be in terms of snow.
I'm a fairly competent hiker but have very little experience in proper snow. Will this be a no go or will the snow be largely gone by then?
It's roughly 2km above sea level with some higher bits.
Many thanks!
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2023.06.02 20:21 Sea-Woodpecker-610 Divine Helms

I just discovered that if you wear a divine helm, the corresponding sage will wear the ancient sage’s helm during gameplay. I have no idea if there’s a bonus to the sage for doing it, but it was kind of neat seeing Teba gliding along with me in the Ancient Vah Medoha mask and ice I was cruising on the light dragon.
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2023.06.02 20:21 The_Cereal_Box Finally, after 3 days I have enough stones to summon! There's actually a unit I really want on this banner, let's hope I get them. I'll comment under this post of what I got!

Finally, after 3 days I have enough stones to summon! There's actually a unit I really want on this banner, let's hope I get them. I'll comment under this post of what I got! submitted by The_Cereal_Box to DokkanBattleCommunity [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:21 shpdg48 "The Vax-Gene Files: An Accidental Discovery"; "DNA contamination....up to 1,000 times higher than deemed to be ‘acceptable’ by the regulating authorities"
So, the Pfizer and Moderna vials of bivalent vaccine that McKernan tested were contaminated with DNA. DNA encoding the spike gene and potentially capable of inserting into the genome of an organism.
The question is, does this DNA have the potential to become part of the genome of a human organism and if so what might be the consequences? This would have required looking at ‘genotoxicity,’ something Australia’s TGA says the (Pfizer) injections were not tested for, and the TGA did not ask for.
In case you are wondering, there are strict guidelines about DNA contamination levels in mRNA products. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and FDA stated limits are 330 nanograms of DNA per milligram of RNA. In Australia, the TGA says it should be no more than 10 nanograms per dose.
(It’s unclear how these limits were decided. Personally, we’d be hoping for zero DNA in our mRNA injections.)
This means that DNA should not be more than 0.033 per cent of the total nucleic acids in the dose. But McKernan’s analysis demonstrated DNA contamination of up to 35 percent in the bivalent injection samples. This is up to 1,000 times higher than deemed to be ‘acceptable’ by the regulating authorities.
Next, McKernan analysed the monovalent (earlier) injections. The Pfizer monovalent injections were also found to be contaminated with DNA, though not as much. The levels of DNA in the Pfizer monovalent injections were 18-70 times higher than the EMA limit.
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2023.06.02 20:20 Helga63 I'm getting stuck in Arcadia

I'm getting stuck in Arcadia
I loved Arcadia. I still hope for the better, against all odds.
Only had "tap" signs one night but when I checked whether I could do that safely they disappeared the next day.
My dragons don't harvest anything, they just float. And I 'm running out of space if I want to stay with '5-merge'.
I guess I'm on my way to 'game over' in Arcadia.
Am I doing something wrong or is Arcadia dead but not yet burried?
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2023.06.02 20:20 Winning_smiler Is this good for as a joke?

Is this good for as a joke?

Mary sue:
Half angel,demon,dragon,twitter bird,dog thing? Half oni and many more halves!
And please write in the comment something that like " 'X' anon" or something
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2023.06.02 20:16 Direct_Road_3266 hey I got a question about Owl (father)

So im on a new play through this time going for purification and I have the owl second fight unlocked but im wondering if I can go kill the true monk and dragon and come back or if he will despawn if I kill the dragon first.
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