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2023.06.02 20:21 Somerandomcarguyidk What is a good first car?

Im buying my first car soon and I’m wondering what car I should buy. I would like a fancy sports car that I can work on and also take to the track. I’ve been recommended Miatas, it’s just that I want something with a little more class if you know what I mean. I would like it to be a manual. If it runs on petrol then I need it to be at least Euro 4 carbon emissions, if it runs of diesel then I need it to be at least euro 6. The reason for this is because this is the minimum carbon emissions for the ulez zone in London
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2023.06.02 20:21 Pitiful_Nail2353 Toyota Financing Question

I recently hit a deer so have to buy a new car.
I also recently redid my house and bought things using credit. My utilization is high so my score is only like 630-645. Usually I’m over 745 and I only did this because I can easily pay everything down in 1-2 months and wasn’t planning on needing my credit.
I make ~65-70k a year and my living expenses come to <450 a month.
I put a deposit on a 45k RAV4 to reserve it and it comes in on the 22nd, but now I’m worried about financing because even if I pay everything down in the next couple of weeks, my score won’t update in that time.
I can put 20-25k down and know my rate will be high if I’m approved. I’m planning on just refinancing as soon as my score is back up.
Should I be worried about Toyota refusing to finance me or does the amount I can put down save me?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 20:20 PotatoPolicy Car I saw a while back in the dells.

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2023.06.02 20:19 solde_8278222 Dm my insta solde_82782 to buy don't dm if u not buying ! good prices got both Sam and grace and more!!!

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2023.06.02 20:19 skwimskwams Some questions about Verney and dropped weapons

So I'm thinking of making a Verney build with a "Mothership" theme of a heavy truck with turrets, RC Cars, mines, napalm, caltrops, smoke, improvised sludge thrower. One thing I'm wondering is if I'm allowed to equip multiple stacks of one upgrade or weapon to my heavy truck. For example, can I buy four sets of Sentry Gun, and deploy four sentry guns in one turn with my four crew? If so, when a vehicle drives into range of four turrets at once, do they make four evade checks for the four attacks, or one evade against the collection of turret attacks? Is the idea of a "Mothership" that deploys "drones" (sentry guns and RC cars) going to be fun, or simply annoying? Any thoughts are welcome. Worst case, I'll just throw mines and napalm from a catapult (sludge thrower) and have fun either way.
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2023.06.02 20:18 throwaway-chubbyfire Pulling Trigger

Today is my last day of work. Thanks for the community for introducing me to the fire movement.
Single, No kids, 40 years old, VHCOL
Net worth: $4.0M
Current Assets:
Cash: $285K
Brokerage: $2.45M (100% VTI) ($2.39M cost basis)
I-Bonds: $11K
Crypto: $27K
ROTH IRA: $77K (100% VTI)
Pre-tax 401K: $765K (100% US total market fund)
Roth 401K: $245K (100% US total market fund)
529: 175K (100% US total market fund) (for possible future kids or if not, gifting to niece and nephews)
HSA: 7K ( 100% VTI)
Estimated Budget:
Monthly Yearly
Rent 2615 31380
Groceries 550 6600
Misc 400 4800
Gas 200 2400
Travel 10000
Car Insurance 110 1320
Gifts 1000
car maintenance 500
Umbrella 600
Internet 70 840
Phone 35 420
Utilities 150 1800
Renters Insurance 159
car registation 220
Pets 40 480
Health Insurance 350 4200
Tax 5000
Hsa 3850
Sum 75569
Short term plan:
Move $220k into a 5 year bond/CD ladder for $44k/yr income. I'll be disabling my brokerage dividend reinvesting for an estimated $37K/year for a combined income of $81K/year. I will keep a $40K emergency fund in HYSA plus an additional 3 months ($20K) to fund before the first ladder rung matures for total $60K in cash. Any excess will go into brokerage. Then I will enjoy a few months of relaxing with one vacation already booked.

Mid term plan:
I will rollover the 401K into my IRA and begin roth ladder conversions. I think it is better to pay some of the tax now with minimal other income, than in 25 years have to deal with giant RMD. If anyone has any advice on how to decide on what would be optimal to convert, I cannot find much out there.

Longer term plan:
I am happy renting for the time being, but would like to buy when it makes sense. Right now the rent vs buy is so far towards rent, that it isn't thinkable. But if the time comes where I need something bigger, or the balance shifts, I am willing to sell the needed stock to buy in cash if rates are still high.
If I start getting bored, I feel it will be pretty easy to go back to work, but I think my hobbies and volunteering will be able to keep me out of trouble.

Anyone see any issues?
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2023.06.02 20:16 pankakewarrior Running a business while the owner is away. Opportunity to buy in the future.

Hello, Throwaway for locality.
I’ll jump right into it and provide as much info as I can. My girlfriend has an acquaintance that owns a wine shop, who is leaving for some time and would like us to run and “take over” her business while she is away. She has repeatedly mentioned in the past that she wants to partner with my girlfriend in running the business, with plans of eventually stepping away at some point. We stopped in a few days ago and this is when she told us about her vacation, and offered the opportunity to run the shop while she is gone. Perhaps after she returns and we have had some time to handle the business we will discuss future plans of either buying it completely or a portion of it and reducing her ownership stakes. We both work in wine/beverage and have talked about having our own business for quite some time now, and this honestly seems like if it was worked out right it could be a great opportunity with minimal risk - again if it was worked out right. She is leaving on June 15th and would like us to take over before then. We are meeting later today where I will ask to see balance sheets, list of assets, sales for the past two years, any outstanding invoices or fees, upcoming license/permit expirations, etc. My main concerns are keeping everything tight legally, ensuring that we both will have a form of wage - again legally paid to us - and how liability will be applied while she is away. We want to run the business during this time, not own it, however we are wary that without a properly worded contract that we will either become liable for something we were unaware of, or that we may not have claim to any revenue and profit earned and therefore no wage. As far as monthly expenses go, it is a shared space with multiple businesses. I know the rent is around $3k, and according to the current owner there are no CAMS, which surprises me as I’d still expect wateelectricity/etc to be paid each month. Card processing fees, insurance, and internet would be the remaining expenses. Sales for May were roughly $8.5k, with this time of year being the slower season. No wine club at the moment, social media presence could be worked on - in other terms there is room for growth and sales could easily be pushed higher. We are confident and comfortable with the potential, we just don’t want to get burned on liability or not receiving a wage. What else should I be looking at or be wary of? What would an honest and transparent contract look like? Let me know if there is any other info I left out and I can try to provide it. thank you!
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2023.06.02 20:14 Captaincadet An old “We buy any car advert” promoting people to be more like “Phil”…

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2023.06.02 20:13 tradandtea123 What is cashback when buying a car?

I always think of cashback as getting some cash at the supermarket when paying for food. But I keep hearing ads for cars that say £2k cashback with whatever new car. What do they mean? I was thinking maybe it means £2k off the recommended price but wouldn't it sound better to say £2k off.
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2023.06.02 20:13 OvalCash22 Double OG founders account with renegade and Purple skull account

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2023.06.02 20:12 Pitiful_Nail2353 Toyota Financing

I recently hit a deer so have to buy a new car.
I also recently redid my house and bought things using credit. My utilization is high so my score is only like 630-645. Usually I’m over 745 and I only did this because I can easily pay everything down in 1-2 months and wasn’t planning on needing my credit.
I make ~65-70k a year and my living expenses come to <450 a month.
I put a deposit on a 45k RAV4 to reserve it and it comes in on the 22nd, but now I’m worried about financing because even if I pay everything down in the next couple of weeks, my score won’t update in that time.
I can put 20-25k down and know my rate will be high if I’m approved. I’m planning on just refinancing as soon as my score is back up.
Should I be worried about Toyota refusing to finance me or does the amount I can put down save me?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 20:11 Sad_Comparison5423 AITA for not buying my son a car

My son, who I'll refer to as Jake, and I could really use your perspective on this. I'm starting to question if I'm being an asshole in this scenario, so I'm turning to you all for your judgment.A while ago, Jake approached me with a request. He asked if I would buy him a car once he turned 19. Initially, I agreed without much hesitation. However, as time went on, I began to question the fairness of his request and its impact on my personal plans.Financially speaking, I am fortunate enough to have the means to buy Jake a car. However, there's an important factor to consider. I had been planning a long-awaited and much-deserved holiday for myself, something I had been looking forward to for years. The cost of this trip is substantial, and it would require a significant portion of my savings.When Jake reminded me of my promise, I couldn't help but feel conflicted. I started to see his request as selfish because it meant sacrificing my holiday, which had been a personal goal for a long time. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their own dreams and aspirations, and I had been eagerly waiting for this chance to take a break and enjoy some much-needed relaxation.I sat down with Jake to have an open and honest conversation about the situation. I explained my perspective, highlighting how important this vacation was to me and why it meant so much. I expressed my concerns about his request and how it felt selfish to ask me to give up something I had been working towards for years.Unfortunately, Jake didn't respond well to my explanation. He felt hurt and betrayed, accusing me of breaking my promise and prioritizing my own desires over his needs. Our relationship has since become strained, and we're struggling to find common ground.Now, I'm genuinely unsure if I made the right decision. Am I the asshole here for choosing not to buy my son a car, despite being able to afford it, because I think he's being selfish by asking me to sacrifice my holiday? I value the importance of personal aspirations, but I also want to fulfill my commitments and maintain a healthy relationship with my son.
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2023.06.02 20:10 Thomas_Fx New to group, stage IV, some notes:

In fighting stage IV prostate cancer I’ve found what I think are some unexpected but universal truths about fatal diagnoses. I thought it best that I tell you, as unfortunately it will happen to a few of you. I thought it would be very different but it turned out so odd to me. Should you become ill with something incurable, a number of people around you go through stages of grief, but fully 1/3 of your friends and even some of your family will just disappear. You will never hear from them again, (I didn’t.) You have to keep track of who can’t hear what type of details about your condition. People don’t know what to say or do. You must forgive them. Despite hearing the mantra to make a bucket list and to burn out, not fade away, that’s exactly the opposite of what happens, and what your family & friends want you to do. All of a sudden you are advised to be cautious, don’t get hurt, don’t fall, don’t buy good shoes, get rest, etc. it occurs to me that this is the worst advice I’ve ever heard. Your well meaning friends will tell you to eat pomegranates or pistachios, some will tell you not to eat those things and to eat apples, or that you should have eaten more apples, or it was the apples that killed you. What I’ve found is that life causes cancer, you can’t possibly avoid all the things in this world that will give you cancer. So I have to compress 30 years of living into 8 - 10, and the thing is everyone has a different expectation about what that should be. This doesn’t happen to people who die tragically, for some reason instead we are obligated to behave, not embarrass anyone and most of all die quietly and quickly. Frankly I’m just tired of being tired I guess. Needles have become increasingly bothersome. Being in pain makes you mean & irritable & the pain meds only work temporarily, but it’s always there. I knew, my Dad told me that life isn’t fair, and I’ve seen plenty of examples of that in my parents generation so as to understand it, but trust me it was so, so odd to hear that diagnosis that day the ER. I couldn’t believe it. I called Dad & he told me that some of us are just unlucky, he hoped that I wasn’t in pain. Those were probably the truest words he ever spoke. He called me every Saturday just so we could talk about computers and cars and Uncle Jack being under attack at Dutch harbor. In any case, this wasn’t what I had planned. I thought I’d retire from some part of the IT world and not just stop it all on one day, 20 years early. From a young age I knew that everyone hates change, and everyone has problems, I get that. But when it’s you, or your kid or your Dad, suddenly you feel perforated, thin. I’m no different. It’s unbelievably real to me now. You somehow get to a place where you’re grounded you eventually feel placed, fixed, and everything just swirls around you. Again, I don’t recommend cancer, or for that matter diving head in to fix it. Given the option, I’d buy a motorcycle, a bar or a basketball team. :)
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2023.06.02 20:10 Lapralapso How’d you guys save up for your dream cars?

First off, sorry if this isn’t a relevant post for this sub. Please remove this post if that is the case. This is moreso a “saving up for a car” question rather than a “what car should I buy” question.
It might sound like the stereotypical dream car of an 18 year old asian in university but I really want a Miata. I want one and love them so badly that, at car meets, I freak out more seeing a Miata than seeing any supercar. I’m dead set on having the money for one by the end of the summer.
I’ve never actually saved up for my own car before, since my first car was a hand me down from my dad. I can have the money by the end of August as long as I bust my ass off for the next 3 months and really budget well, but the wait is such a killer! And I know that 3 months isn’t even that long in terms of saving up for a car.
How’d you guys do it? Muster up the patience, resilience, and tenacity to put the work in every single day to finally achieve your dream car? Any advice for someone younger like me?
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2023.06.02 20:05 hmbeast How does Toyota SmartPath actually work?

I'm in the market for a new Corolla. I'm not really big into sales situations and just want the base model of the car with nothing else, so I'm not that eager to physically come into a dealership, not interested in test driving a car. I really just want to buy a Corolla at MSRP (or close to it) without a big hassle.
I reached out to a local Toyota dealer over the phone and explained myself, but they said they're not able to talk to me about price unless I come into the storefront. Which I understand is surely a successful sales technique for them, but it makes price transparency and shopping around pretty difficult since I don't have a car and it's an ordeal to get to the dealership in the first place. I'm not really interested in haggling, and if every local dealer is charging the same consistent increase on MSRP then obviously I'll just pay it, but I'm trying to actually figure out if that's the case without having to drive to every Toyota dealer in the state.
So I started looking into Toyota SmartPath which seems to let you place an order partially or completely online. It seems to work like a normal ecommerce experience where the price is shown to you upfront. My confusion is how the order actually gets fulfilled and, assuming a dealer is involved, if the dealer actually has to uphold the price provided online in SmartPath or if they can just quote me whatever.
Anyone have any insight?
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2023.06.02 20:05 Extension_Tax5636 Good way to start the weekend! Today's haul/mail day.

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2023.06.02 20:04 Jaydenpk Question about hardware. Nuts, bolts and other stuff

So I'm just wondering if anyone has found a kit or something I could buy that has a lot of random hardware that has Nissan sizes for my s13. When my car got taken apart I was dumb and didn't categorize or put my hardware in a safe spot. Tho most of it was rusted anyway and broke. I know they sell big boxes of hardware and I'm sure some of that would fit. Is there anyone that sells it just for Nissans tho. I've looked and I got most of the sizes but I would buy out everything at my local hardware store lol and probably overspend. So a kit that has everything or most would be nice I know some people on ebay are selling stuff for like $300 but that's so expensive. I've made do with buying the closet bolt or whatever I needed and cutting to size or using Spacer's but I want to use legitimate hardware. If all else fails I'll buy one of those $30 200 peice hardware sets.
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2023.06.02 20:04 abachhd Need help in getting money for cars in story mode

I recently got myself the palace edition of Unbound at a large discount and started playing the game. I have played the story mode for over 3 hours now and I'm at the point where I have to qualify for the grand race by completing a mini grand race at the end of each week.
However I feel so stuck as I cannot for the life of me save any decent money. My car right now is a shitty Honda Civic 2000 where I pour all my hard earned money to upgrade performance (still in B class) so I'm always left with 200-500 at most, and still I struggle to get 1st place in races even though I drive better than average in relaxed difficulty. And the huge buy ins mean the large cash competitions are no better than regular ones for prize money.
I have heard somewhere that career mode gives a lot of free cars, just wanted to know how to get those cars or where to get those and any tips to earn quick cash apart from just racing (even the cop chases barely gives me change money)
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2023.06.02 20:03 mellow_low2003 Anyone know what’s up with the “club general admission” seats at boulder? could i just buy those and go sit in GA??

i don’t remember them checking anything last year
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2023.06.02 20:02 khoafraelich789 When is the new Porsche Cayenne electric car coming? Timing confirmed for new BMW iX, Kia EV6 rival, and more details on new larger electric SUV revealed!

When is the new Porsche Cayenne electric car coming? Timing confirmed for new BMW iX, Kia EV6 rival, and more details on new larger electric SUV revealed!

If you are concerned that you’re running out of time to buy a petrol-powered Cayenne because of the shift to electric propulsion - you don’t need to worry just yet.

Because according to Porsche executives, the large SUV that helped reinvigorate the iconic brand will stick around in internal combustion engine (ICE) form for a while yet.

Questions over the future of the ICE Cayenne kicked off when Porsche announced in March this year that it was working on a new all-electric version of the Cayenne.

But now more details have emerged of the expected timing and rollout of the new EV, as well as the future of the ICE version.

Speaking with CarsGuide at the launch of the new Cayenne in Austria earlier this month, Product Manager for the Porsche Cayenne, Pascal Ackermann, said that the current third-generation Cayenne would continue on in ICE petrol guise until “around about” the end of the decade.

The new all-electric Cayenne will hit showrooms in 2026 according to Porsche, and it will be sold alongside the ICE version.

The Cayenne just underwent its first major update since it went on sale in third-gen guise in 2018. By the time the ICE Cayenne is discontinued around 2030, it will be at least a decade old.

Interestingly the new Cayenne battery electric vehicle (BEV) will be based on a different platform, and have a completely different body and design to that of the ICE version, although the styling is yet to be revealed.

Increasingly strict European emissions regulations prompted Porsche to increase its EV output, which will also include an electric Macan from 2024, next-generation electric versions of the 718 Boxster and Cayman twins, and a new upper-large three-row SUV that will sit above Cayenne in the line-up - but more on that in a bit.

According to Ackermann, Cayenne sales will be determined by the emissions regulations and incentives of each market, with some regions favouring the EV.

“Especially in Europe, in CO2-sensitive markets, we will see a huge amount of sales for the BEV model. But we're still offering both for those customers who are not really sure about whether to switch or not,” he said.

“But we still have markets where ICE is no problem. There are no big regulation issues. Customer demand for it is high. So we will see the ICE variants, maybe in other markets, more than the BEV.”

Porsche has set a target of 80 per cent of all sales to be electrified - meaning EV, PHEV, etc - by 2030.

One model likely to assist that is the as-yet unnamed new upper-large SUV that is expected to debut in 2027 - a year after the electric Cayenne.

CEO of Porsche AG, Oliver Blume, made the announcement about the new SUV model at the company’s annual press conference in March, adding, “we are going to expand our product portfolio at the top end, introducing a new all-electric SUV. In doing so, we will underline and strengthen our position in the luxury car segment.”

It is believed the new model - codenamed K1 - will be designed to appeal to American and Chinese buyers.

The new model will be built using Volkswagen Group’s new SSP platform that will start to underpin vehicles from 2026 and will eventually replace both the MEB and PPE platforms. It is also expected to have more automated driving functions than current models.

Source: Carguide
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