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2023.06.02 20:30 Infinite_granite85 Do I need a solicitor when being bought out of a mortgage?

Hi folks, Nice simple one, my (soon to be) ex wife is remortgaging our home to buy me out. I've not been living there for over 4 years and haven't contributed to the mortgage for 3 years. Everything is very amicable etc and there are no dramas but I've never been through anything like this. She has just asked me for my solicitor's details as her solicitor has asked for them.
I don't have a solicitor at this point. My questions are as follows: 1. Do I need a solicitor for this? 2. Any hints/tips as to this process? 3. How much would I look at paying for this? 4. Any ideas on the timescale for things like this?
House is worth approx £300k, we have agreed amounts that will go to each other, there is no dramas between us. We're both in England.
Very much appreciate any info. Ta!
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2023.06.02 20:29 CM11182020 Can't Connect Plugs/Bulbs

In our home, we have 2 echo devices. One is my husbands and one is mine. 1 in bedroom, 1 in living room. Our 2 living room lamps were somehow always connected to my bedroom echo. In our apartment we just had to walk a few steps and the bedroom echo would hear the command to turn on or off. In our new house, the living room is further so we tried connecting the plugs and bulbs to the living room echo and the device won't locate the devices. I even removed one of the devices from my bedroom echo hoping that would allow it to be discoverable but it still isn't.
What do I need to do?
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2023.06.02 20:29 Mavrockdragon Crisis Build Idea

Seeing the damage for the thermite on the wiki got me thinking, then I came up with the death button crisis.
856k damage in one click with 4 mk3 thermites, max nuke amp, 2 max thermonuclear reactors, kestral, master gunsmith, survivor, gunsmith, thrill seeker, and death mark.
Let me know if I missed anything.
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2023.06.02 20:28 baehelpkit Koby Altman Transactions

When Koby Altman became GM in 2017, we shortly after traded our disgruntled franchise point guard Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick.
On Feb 8, 2018 Koby made multiple trades. Players sent out included Thomas, Crowder, Shumpert, DWade, Channing Frye, and DRose. We recieved Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, and Larry Nance. The 1st round pick from the Kyrie trade becomes Collin Sexton. LeBron leaves in the offseason, Love extends his contract (4yrs/120m) topping out his overall deal to 5yrs/145m. A few games into the 2018-2019 season, Tyronn Lue is fired and Larry Drew becomes interim head coach. Koby made three minor trades that season, including acquiring a 1st round pick which was used on Dylan Windler. John Beilein was hired as head coach. We select Darius Garland, Windler and trade for Kevin Porter Jr. in that draft.
During the 2019-2020 season, Beilein is fired and JB Bickerstaff becomes head coach. Koby made two trades that season. The first was Jordan Clarkson for Dante Exum and a 2nd round pick that eventually became Khalifa Diop. Looking back on it, this was an awful trade as Clarkson averaged 20 ppg this past season and would've had much higher trade value if we held onto him and let him play his game. The other trade was John Henson, Brandon Knight and a 2nd round pick for Andre Drummond. During the offseason, the Cavs selected Isaac Okoro and signed Lamar Stevens to a 2 way contract.
During the 2020-2021 season, Koby made a great trade; acquiring Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince in the 4 team trade that saw James Harden being traded to Brooklyn. We only gave up Exum, a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick in that deal. A few other minor trades were made that season. Then the Cavs had a great draft, selecting Evan Mobley with the 3rd pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Before the start of the 2021-2022 season, the Cavs in a 3 team trade acquire Lauri Markkanen and only give up Nance and a 2nd round pick. Another great deal by Koby Altman and the Cavs front office.
A reoccuring theme so far is that Koby doesn't let assets go to waste. Instead of letting a player who we don't want walk in free agency, usually Koby trades them while they are still under contract to acquire further assets. Another example would be how the Cavs ended up trading Taurean Prince and a 2nd round pick for Ricky Rubio, a trade that happened a few weeks before the Markkanen trade. And then after Rubio's injury we traded him, along with a 1st round pick for Caris LeVert. Despite losing in the play-in tourament, 2021-2022 was a good season for the Cavs, considering no one really thought they would even be decent.
Heading into the 2022-2023 season, the Cavs make a blockbuster trade. Donovan Mitchell was acquired for Sexton, Markkanen, 14th overall pick Ochai Agbaji, 3 1st round picks, and 2 1st round pick swaps. The Sexton pick was acquired from the Kyrie trade, Markannen came from the Nance trade. So Kyrie, Nance, Agbaji, 3 future 1st round picks and 2 future 1st round pick swaps eventually turned into Donovan Mitchell. If Sexton doesn't put up high scoring numbers on his rookie deal and Koby doesn't make a smart move acquiring Markannen, we probably never end up with Donovan Mitchell. The Cavs have low odds of ever acquiring a superstar in free agency, so giving up the 3 1st rounders and 2 pick swaps was worth it.
If we were a team that constantly let assets go to waste and let players walk in free agencyinstead of trading them beforehand, we would not be a playoff team like we currently are. Koby has ultimately made many smart decisions in his tenure as GM and now President of Basketball Operations and only a few small mistakes. Acquiring Caris LeVert can be debated, considering we possibly could've got someone else for that 1st round pick we gave up for him. LeVert's $28 million cap hold causes us to have no cap space this summer and we have to bring him back using Bird Rights. He had a good series vs the Knicks and despite inconsistency on offense, he was a solid defender throughout the season. IMO, the Rubio and Wade contracts could also be seen as mistakes. I know many people wanted the Cavs to make a deal around the trade deadline, but the team had a great regular season and the Cavs were right at the tax line so I can't blame them for not wanting to mess with the cap situation either. The rebuild could've lasted much longer, but with smart transactions and for the most part, good drafting, we are now a team who will continuously make the playoffs throughout this decade.
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2023.06.02 20:28 Notwaltermittyyet Is it possible to find housing this late? (TU/e)

I am an international student (non-EU) coming to Eindhoven at TU/e in August for my master's program of 2 years. Would finding any housing in Eindhoven or nearby this late be possible? I did receive my admit on May 27th, but I had been busy with my finals. With the scary texts on the university website suggesting to not come this academic year if one can't find housing, I was wondering if it would be worth going through all the hassle if I am not going to find anything.
Any advice will be appreciated!!
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2023.06.02 20:28 Levitz Teledildonics, adultery and causality. An open discussion.

Destiny is famous for their grounded and reasonable takes around incest and bestiality. This is why I seek help from this community to resolve some questions, each a more complex proposition than the one before.
Enter Ashley and John. A monogamous couple in a closed relationship, and Jane, a third person.
I'd say it's evident that if John and Jane had sex, this would constitute adultery. So far, so good.
But what happens, regarding adultery, if:
1.- John uses a dildo to please Jane directly.
2.- John uses a machine that replicates movements to, through the internet, please Jane, who is living in a different country, in real time.
3.- John uses said machine to record his movements. Next time Jane is at home, she can choose to have a dildo which movements replicate the designs of John.
4.- John uses this same machine, yet the system locks for 10 years, after this time Jane activates the system and gets pleasured.
5.- Same scenario as 4, but John did this while he wasn't in a relationship with Ashley yet, At the time Jane is pleasured, John and Ashley are together.
6.- Same scenario as 4, but consider the consequences if in these 10 years John, Jane, or both, die.
7.- John and Jane were together a long time ago, and John recorded dildo movements for Jane to use whenever she wants. Which she does even after breaking up and while John and Ashley are together.
As I see it: 1 is obviously still adultery. As is 2.
3 Presents an interesting case because I think it depends on John knowing Jane. If John recorded a series of movements and made them public on the internet, that wouldn't be like adultery at large scale, but if John knows Jane and cares for her, then it becomes adultery.
4 poses another interesting dilemma, is John today the same as John in 10 years? Are Ashley and Jane? I don't know.
5 I think would not be adultery.
6 is another strange case, but I'd say intention is what matters so I count it as yes.
7 I'd say doesn't count because there is no obligation towards Ashley at the time the actions themselves take place.
Please share your takes or similar scenarios below.
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2023.06.02 20:28 tomorrowinc How do I get short answer slides to retain text as users move back-and-forward through the presentation?

Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of a chellenge and I'm hoping that someone in this group is kind enough to help.
I've created a Captivate course in which users are presented with a scenario on one slide and then they have to document it on the next slide. I'd like them to be able to go back-and-forward, reading the scenario and documenting.
I'm pursuing two separate methods for doing this, but each of them has an issue. My original design used a text entry box with the retain text option selected. This enabled the learners to go back-and-forth, as they worked on their answer.
However, even though I enabled "include in quiz" and "report answers (and checked the advanced interactions and verified it was reporting) it still didn't show up in my LMS (Paycom). I did verify that report interaction data was checked, and I tried exporting it as SCORM 1.2, 2004, and XAPI. None of that worked.
The other option that I'm pursuing is replacing the text-entry boxes with short answer quiz slides. I DO get these to report in the LMS. However, I can't find a way to retain text on the slides as the user goes back-and-forth.
Does anyone have any advice on how to tackle this problem?
Thank you in advance!!
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2023.06.02 20:28 Designer-Ad-5283 Today I've left the job after a year

So today I have resigned from the role of police constable, which I had thought was my dream job, in GMP after exactly one year since starting the role. This is more to document my thoughts, findings and feelings. A debrief for myself, if you will.
I'm a tad older than most who started, being in my mid 30s. I had a world of confidence in talking to people in my previous role which put me in good stead when out and about finally dealing with the public. Being a police officer was something i'd thought about doing for years, but life sometimes gets in the way. in 2022 I finally took the plunge and got in, I was over the moon and found a sense of purpose I'd never had before, in a professional sense.
I wanted to grasp it all with 2 hands. I enjoyed the uni side, even though most didn't, and took it as an opportunity to learn about the role before being thrown into the deep end.
Finally landing on district (I won't say which, but it's a busy one), my first observations were that the cops weren't exactly a welcoming bunch. There was a weird atmosphere in the nick and in the tutor unit. I chalked it up to everyone being stressed and busy.
There's an assumption on you as an individual that you're ready out the box when you start the tutor phase. You really are thrown into situations, which I didn't mind as that's the way I learn best.
From speaking to colleagues, this period with your tutor is very hit and miss and can make or break you. You'd assume that tutors would actively want to tutor, but it's not often the case.
After 5 weeks I was signed off as independent, and this is the point where you really get shafted with workload. You'd be put on appointment duty, flying from address to address, not knowing what was waiting for you and picking up the crimes along the way. As a rookie, this was very intimidating. I could be finishing the day picking up a high risk domestic crime, not having a clue how to progress it.
Throughout your set of shifts such is the demand of GMP, you'd also get allocated crimes from a queue that officers hadn't responded to. This was very much a tombola of crap you'd either not have the time to sort, or not have a clue how to sort.
I slowly started to see that the aim of the job was to not deal with crimes as they should be, but actively avoid them and close them off as soon as possible. This was very disappointing to me as it's not what I'd envisioned.
I came round to this way of working, trying to be proactive and squeeze in quick visits to victims addresses in between jobs (which was insanely difficult) and trying my best to get crimes closed, such was the volume given out to each officer. It's very overwhelming seeing your crime page populate with 20-30 crimes, all needing action. There could be anything from urgent arrest attempts to CCTV trawls within these crimes you'd not done any primary on.
The unmanageable workload is then compounded by a team of office bods who have no idea what the stresses of response policing are like, who review every crime you send for closure. It's their job to scrutinise every closure rationale and you'd often have crimes sent back to you after a week of closing it as they have decided you've essentially not done a good enough job in the first instance. The bureaucracy is ludicrous.
All this is before files. Dreaded files. At no point are you shown how to do a file. Any arrest on a shift and it's game over, you'd be pretty much guaranteed to get off late due to completing a file that will tomorrow be binned off anyway after interview.
I thought I was loving the job, until one day, I came round to thinking actually no, this isn't quite right. I was going into work miserable. Finishing on time was a rarity and starting a shift not having a clue when you'd get back home became draining.
I just decided life is too short. I can earn better money in a less frosty, stressful environment without working hours that take over your life. You get zero work/life balance. I've not even got onto the diploma you're expected to complete in your spare time in order to become substantive as a constable. This isn't a job, it's a life, which may work for some, but I started to realise I was spending my rest days either exhausted, or worrying about my next shift. Life is too short.
I never got the sense the cops was a 'nice' place to work. The default culture is to moan, and after a year I can see why. It's a role you either stick at and become hardened yourself, or get out before that point. I chose the latter.
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2023.06.02 20:28 k-rocketeer ceiling speakers w/ google assistant?

Hi Reddit - I want to add in-ceiling speakers as part of my kitchen remodel. I plan to wire these to the zone 2 of my stereo receiver.
However, I am sad to loose the functionality of my sonos one & google assistant. Is there a way to maintain the listening function of a google nest mini, etc. but have them play music onto the ceiling speakers, for example.
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2023.06.02 20:28 surfrock66 I'm in need on advice in getting a SharePoint instance I inherited back on the rails.

In the last 6 months, I started at a new org with a massive heap of technical debt. While getting settled, we were hit with ransomware and my leadership contracted with an IT company that came in and made a lot of "security" changes with fairly reckless abandon for how things ended up working for end users. I am specifically charged with restoring the user experience for SharePoint on premises 2019.
Before it comes up, I work for a university with a terrible habit of uploading full videos of lectures directly into SharePoint. When I started, we had multi-terabyte content databases, which I have worked to split off. I say this because the cost of moving to SharePoint online has been determined to be cost prohibitive at this time; it would be double-digit terabytes of storage for their end use case.
We have a hybrid directory, so on-prem AD and then additionally azure AD, and they sync between each other. The Azure AD was implemented by the breach remediation company, so I have limited access and often have to submit tickets to their company for things. SharePoint 2019 was working fine with users connecting to on-prem AD, but following the remediation, multiple things broke; they disabled NTLM which was one of the authentication providers for SharePoint (We flipped it to Kerberos), and since Office365 was switched over to Azure AD accounts but windows login was not, when a user browses to SharePoint in the web browser they were identified by Kerberos, but when they clicked a document and they tried to open it with office, they received an access denied message.
SharePoint was considered "Out of scope" for their breach remediation contract, so I began trying to work to get it going. I followed this, and was able to create an Azure AD trust provider and switch over to it:
Additionally, I had to convert all of our users and groups to new identifiers. This was some version of the following via script in the sharepoint shell (azureadtrustprod is the enterprise application identifier we created):
i:0#.wDOMAIN\username -> i:0e.tazureadtrustprod[email protected] c:0+.wDOMAIN\groupname -> c:0-.tazureadtrustprodAzureAD_OID
This worked. Users can, for the most part, load the web pages, and open documents directly into office. It's sloppy and clearly far from best practice, but the user experience is that it is working.
Now that we're living with it, things are clearly far from perfect, and I'm not sure where to start to fix it. For starters, lets say I need to share a site with a new user, and I want to give them edit rights, the user search doesn't auto-populate at all. In fact, I've had a ton of trouble correctly identifying users at all; if I go to "Central Admin -> Application Management -> Manage Service Applications -> User Profile Service Application -> Manage User Profiles" I can see the new objects with the correct identifier in the account name, but if I search one of those names it's a total crapshoot. Sometimes they line up with correct groups and users, sometimes they don't. When I go to a site, and see my name in the upper right, sometimes it's my email, sometimes it's my account name (with the whole i:0e.tazureadprod prefix), sometimes it's my display name.
There is no synchronization connection at all in the user profile service application. I think I need to set up a sync to Azure AD, but I'm a bit concerned about adding that and either duplicating users, or somehow messing up existing users, etc.
One thing I noticed; if I go to "Application Management -> Site Collection Administrators" and try to browse to add users to a security principle, the search pulls the 2 correct users from the on-prem AD (via "Organizations") but it allows an invalid free-text name in the AzureADProd auth provider, which is an issue, because Admins granting permissions can type a name, get a success, but it's not a real name and it creates a permission record that does nothing:

Last thing; there is a limited access vault, and I can't assign individual permissions to folders within that vault. I think that's how vaults are supposed to work? However, before all this, users said they had limited access to individual folders in there. It seems I don't need a limited access vault at all, but standard permissions would work; that being said, I am not an owner for the site and no account I try is owner, so it appears I cannot disable limited access?
Clearly a lot is going on, but right now the user experience is stable, so despite it looking completely broken from my side, status is all green and I do not want to break the user experience. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.02 20:27 ValenciaM18 ENG 300 summer class combined with ENG 500? Is this even allowed?

I'd signed up for 3 summer classes (one 300 and two 400s). The 300 was English Grammar and I made the (foolish) assumption that it would be the easiest... The professor decided to combine the classes so it's a mix of undergrad/graduates. So, the class is a level 500 and a 300. I'd have no issue with the graduates taking the class but, the professor is treating it like a graduate-level class. Not only is it essentially a M-F class (despite the registrar's description saying it'd only be Monday & Wednesday) but there are 2 quizzes each week that most students are scoring between 50-70% on. The professor is not teaching, no PowerPoint or study guides. He just has us do multiple readings and quizzes us on them. I'm just at a loss as to what to do. I've spent nearly $7k on these classes and I feel incredibly frustrated. I did not sign up for a grad class nor did I expect to be doing a week's worth of classwork.
The quizzes open at about 10 am and close at 12 pm... It does not take into account people who have demanding work schedules (these quizzes fall outside the "assigned" class days). They're not multiple-choice, they're open-ended and can take several hours to complete. Despite working hard on them or completing them in groups, several students still perform poorly.
Also, I feel like if the majority of students are failing these quizzes-- it's the responsibility of the professor to rectify that. These quizzes are supposed to be "quick" but take students up to 4 hours to complete. What do I do? Do I speak to the dean? My other summer classes are not nearly as challenging despite being at a higher level.
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2023.06.02 20:27 meowlf Tips for data transfer from one format to another

I have an excel data extract from one system, that I need to enter into another system but the format and column structure in system 2 is completely different.
There are thousands of records that need to be translated to system 2 format.. on a monthly basis.
Structure from System 1
System 1 data has 1 row for each employee, and the hours that employee worked.
System 2 has one aggregated row for each project, company, position, craft level, and gender.

Structure for System 2
The worker hours are in a column structure per ethnicity. Notice in table 2 row 1 the two Male Apprentice Electrician's on project 1 from company test 1 have had their hours aggregated to Caucasian Hours column.
I was able to do this using a pivot table - but I couldn't find a way to make the pivot table tabular instead of grouped.
I need to first group the row data, and then aggregate the hours to each ethnicity column.

I could use help or tips on what combinations of functions, formulae to use to achieve this transfer of data.
I appreciate your help
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2023.06.02 20:27 studawnt Thinking of delaying, what are the consequences?

I took a COMSAE today and improved from my last one but still have not been able to break 400.
My weakness is that I have a lot of gaps in content. My test is scheduled for June 13 (~11 days from today).
I need to delay but this will mean having to miss my first rotation. Does anyone have experience with missing their rotation? What are the consequences? Does it affect Step 2 dedicated time?
Any advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.02 20:27 Iwfcyb Thoughts on Weaver Items?

What are everyone's thoughts on the new Weaver items? Personally, I both think they're great for mixing up the gear game between level 80 and the time you're finally getting LP 3/4 uniques to craft.
Well, in theory anyway....
Maybe I've just been unlucky since they were introduced, but I started a new character at the 9.1 patch and reached level 97 last night with it, been running empowered 200ish mono's, and I've had a grand total of 2 Weaver items drop during that 0-97 journey, and one was a shield on a catalyst build. However, the other was a set of gloves that were very useful for a good while, and almost viable as a long term end game item. Wearing them to level up was super fun and I enjoyed the process of seeing how it evolved, I just wish I could have experienced it more than once in 65+ hours.
Based on your experience with them so far, is this scarcity typical, or have I been on the foul side of RNJesus? Has anyone found a decent dungeon or mono level or other activity that ups the drop rate? What are your thoughts on the Weaver items outside of drop rates?
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2023.06.02 20:27 Extreme_Station_250 Once a cheater always a cheater?

So this has been probably the most fucked up scenario i’ve ever placed myself in, before any of you say anything at the end, just understand i totally know i completely messed up here and i could have left early on these signs. I wasn’t strong enough to do so…
But… anyways here is the lil story.
So the summer of last year… met a new girl, thought things were great at the beginning, minus the fact that she tried to basically throw herself at me in the beginning to have sex. (I calmly denied her instigations). That set off alarm bells because normally i don't feel comfortable just fucking on the first date but that was really the biggest red flag in the beginning personally. Now we dated for about a month before i asked her to be exclusive and she agreed and said she wanted something special with one person.
Anyways… a few months go by… and during those months i notice “guy friends” lol. Obviously majority of these dudes are not her platonic “friends” as i personally don't really believe men and women can be close friends without there being some sort of attraction from one side, and already experiencing this girl, i knew that she throws herself at guys like she did to me.
I confirmed they weren’t platonic because i had looked through her phone, and honestly the only reason why i did is because she showed up to one of our dates with hickeys on her neck that she then proceeded to try and gas light me saying that they were pinch marks from self harm. Which was also a red flag i ignored like a dufus.
Anyways one of her guys on her phone was apparently her “stepbrother” lol. That turned out to be of course a lie and i even contacted the dude later on to ask him exactly wtf was going on since apparently she was seeing him while seeing me (we’ll get to that juice later).
The other dude was some guy on her snapchat which they talked almost every day, sending snaps i even looked through her snap history with him and found some… of course sexual pictures.
Another guy was apparently a friend of my friends in high-school and he was talking to her alot as well. She told me she never saw him or met with him with is not even true in the slightest because my buddy who i asked knows this dude, and she’s his type.
There were just like… way more dudes even… but those were the funny scenarios tbh.
I told her my concerns about all this, i told her my values from the beginning and if she was looking for just hookups and temporary pleasure then shes barking up the wrong tree. She never truly told me the truth about any of this by the way. I had to find out the truth myself for 6 months straight because she was making so many excuses at the beginning that it made me feel crazy (which i became because of all the constant gaslighting and manipulation she was trying on me, to essentially convince me i was wrong and none of this was true).
Eventually later in the year.. just random guys started to disappear from her phone and social media, including her stepbrother lol. I asked her why… and she said she wanted to get rid of people who were mean to her and that her step brother is “just like her dad” 😂😂😂
I straight up said, “you were dating me for 6 months and now you want to get rid of all these dudes you’re cheating on me with? Obviously i know your step brother isn’t your stepbrother and all these guys you’re with aren’t wanting to be your friends and they weren’t before”
She denied cheating of course and then i told Her i couldn’t do this wacky crap anymore. I wanted to break up and move on from this crazy bullshit.
But she wanted to stay with me and apologized and said she’d try to change… lol.. but then a couple other months go by and i ask just had this inclination of checking her phone but this time downloading tinder and lo and behold… she had an acc talking to dudes and telling me that even one of those dudes was a work friend, i asked her to show the msgs and she deleted them behind my back.
So i dumped her a second time this time i was serious. I blocked her on everything and she was panicking saying she was sorry made a mistake, that she was different this time, ect.. the usual hilarious nonsense. She makes random accs, messages me asks for me back, wants to repair the broken, but then still talks to tons of dudes and whenever she gets rid of one or 2 some new random ones come up. She even finally after nearly a year of doing me wrong, admits to all the crap she gaslit me about. I think thats just fake nonsense to keep me around since she’s maybe just a hardcore narcissist and always liked how i fit her life and what i provided for her.
To be honest i guess I’m just in shock as to how some people can just be like that, have 10-15 guys on the go, have a boyfriend, lie like crazy and then be so delusional to say that I’m the one who’s wrong and I’m getting things mixed up.
The thing is over the last year i really started to understand who i was as a person, i realized that i made a mistake trusting people who did me wrong once and thinking they would change, i don’t think people can change, i think they just become better versions of themselves… if they’re a liar and a cheater they’ll just become craftier and more aware on how to hide themselves in the future. If someone does you wrong, and they don’t respect you the first time, don’t expect them to respect you and magically earn it the second or third time. Rarely ever happens. I mean even reading all this that i wrote makes me really realize how much of a dumbass i was to even let her back into my life after all the deceit.
I always thought maybe if i showed people enough love or understanding/ care and forgiveness that they would change who they were and respect me more. But you cant make good wine from bad grapes and i think those personality traits are just engrained into certain people.
Anyways…. If anyone had a rough patch with a girl or guy, at least i hope it wasn’t as bad as mine.
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2023.06.02 20:27 jj1290s One league cup with different teams??

I played my 5 games today and only 1 was against a serie A team. I played 2 French league teams and 2 prem teams. Wtf do people do this for? I am trying to play and do my obj and everyone comes in with a 92 ovr team from a completely different league like why??
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2023.06.02 20:26 ChaosMiniBoss The more I care about changing my life for the better the worse I end up doing day to day

Whenever I feel the desire to work on myself or change my life for the better I feel overwhelmed by what I'm facing. Positive steps I make become drowned out by the weight of what I am trying to struggle against and it feels inevitable that I fail. I spend all my time thinking about what I want and how to achieve it but never coming up with any answers, and as I spend all that time trying to find answers my life gets worse and the weight gets heavier.
I am a 23 year old male. When I was 20 I was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. I have also been diagnosed with Depression, Social Anxiety and ADHD. I have a psychiatrist and a therapist and many doctors that cater to my physical illness but it feels impossible to really deal with the extent of my problems practically. I will explain some of my issues further for context.
I have always felt disconnected from others and have had difficulty with social isolation, mainly (I think) because of being an extreme outlier cognitively. I skipped 2 years of school (I started university at 16) and have never connected well to my peers that are older than me or to people my age. I find it easy to adopt/understand the perspective of others and when I devote effort to make friends or increase my social sphere it has always been easy for me to do so. Throughout my childhood I moved around frequently and always had to make new friends every few years or more often and I never had difficulty with it, but even in the presence of people that should be my friends I rarely feel that they have any real understanding of me. I feel alone even in the presence of others. Over time this has led to me spending less and less effort into maintaining social connections with others, as I get tired of putting so much effort into understanding them and empathizing with them as people when they seem either incapable or unwilling to do so for me. I understand that this may make me seem arrogant, but I don’t have any expectation of others to be the way I want them to be. I generally forgive even those who treat me with hostility due to the empathy I can form for their circumstances and the things they struggle with.
When I was 20 I was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. Treatment wise I have been through surgery, months of radiotherapy + chemotherapy and a year of chemotherapy on its own. Currently I am not undergoing active treatment but I still have a tumor in my head that is actively growing and will eventually be a mortal threat to me again. I have MRIs every few months and feel like I am just waiting for the day that I get bad news that puts me out of remission. When I was first diagnosed my brain surgeon told me I could probably live to 30 if treatments go well but that the tumor is likely to be the cause of my death eventually. Last time I read literature about my illness I found that the 5 year survival rate for what I have is something like 20%, so now I generally avoid seeking information about things because knowing more about it doesn't enable me to do anything about it. I am terrified of dying and feel like I have a sword of Damocles hanging above my head at all times, at any point my tumor could mutate and become stage 4 and I would be dead within a year. I feel constantly pressured by time, that I don’t have long to live and that I need to be careful with the time I have, but the pressure makes it hard to do anything. The worse the time pressure gets the worse I feel when I fall short or fail, and the harder it gets to not feel like any effort is pointless as I don’t have enough time left to achieve what I want.
Mental Deterioration:
The treatment of my illness has damaged my mind. It is difficult to quantify but I have actively lost mental acuity and capability. I don’t know how to cope with permanently losing parts of myself and knowing I am less than what I previously was. And I am terrified of how I will lose my mind while conscious of it when my cancer or the treatment for it causes more damage to my brain.
Physical Deterioration:
I have had difficulty with sleep for as long as I can remember. I find myself unable to shut off my thoughts and some nights I am unable to fall asleep at all despite feeling exhausted. I have seen several sleep specialists but none of the advice that I have been given has helped me to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern for longer than 2 weeks. Chemotherapy made this issue much worse as it destroyed my sleep drive for an entire year and has had lasting effects on the level of energy I have day to day and my ability to regulate exhaustion.
When I was younger I spent a lot of time in the gym and was very fit. Now I am overweight and extremely unfit. I want to regain the positive habits that I used to have but even the smallest steps towards forming those habits feel extremely difficult. Every aspect of my physical health worsening has fed into each other to create a negative feedback loop that I have failed to come back from and the longer it goes on the harder it gets.
Romantic Rejection and Guilt (External):
A serious romantic partnership has always been one of the things I have most wanted and cared about in life. And when I have had a relationship with mutual love in the past, nothing is higher in my personal priorities than my partner.
From the age of 18 to 22 I had a serious romantic relationship. It was mainly long distance which was difficult to cope with but the little time we were able to spend together in person is the only time I remember feeling happy and fulfilled in my life. The pandemic turned the distance between us from a difficulty into an agonizing barrier that we could not predict the end of. Borders closed and our plans to see each other were shattered for years. And it happened right after I was diagnosed with cancer, it was the time I needed her the most. Many of her extended family members died and her father lost his job, forcing her to leave the study for the vocation she wanted to have a career in and get a job at an amazon warehouse to support her family. To her family was the highest priority and her future with me was one that inherently involved starting our own. My illness completely shattered her hope for the future with me that she wanted, and guilt compended upon hopelessness as she was unable to support me well emotionally due to her own difficult circumstances at the time. She withdrew from me more and more until she barely spoke to me and the relationship ended. At the time that this happened she was the last thing in my life that I lived for, but I am unable to resent her for leaving me as her emotions in the circumstances are perfectly reasonable and valid.
Romantic Rejection and Guilt (Internal):
I crave a new partnership but feel conflicted about it. If I allow someone to fall in love with me I would be doing it in full awareness that I am likely to die in a matter of years. I understand that I may still deserve to put my needs above that notion but it is still extremely conflicting. I recognise that the burden of choice in engaging with me in forming a serious relationship is on the other party, but it is somewhat unreasonable of me to expect them to be fully conscious of the ramifications of that choice even if they attempt to understand. People are simply not capable of accepting the reality of mortality unless they are forced to, motivated thinking generally prevails over awareness. This guilt becomes even worse if I consider my desire to have kids, bringing a child into the world with the knowledge that they will likely lose me at a young age.
Surviving instead of living:
I think as a response to my cancer I have become alexithymic. To avoid constant panic and negative emotions surrounding the mortal threat my cancer poses I have become emotionally numb. But this has made me incapable of enjoying anything that I do. I have a good job that pays extremely well and is impressive socially but I find no satisfaction in it. My lack of feeling or sense of purpose in anything that I do forces me into a state of barely functioning due to my lack of self preservation or care for myself in the long term. All the advice I have heard on coming back from this has focused on trauma in the past, but how do I deal with it when the cause is ongoing? I have lost sight of understanding who I even am and overcompensate in most interactions with other people in the avoidance of pandering to their emotions and forming disingenuous facades that are detached from any real sense of self. This has turned me into a harsh and cynical person, and I have often had people call me a robot or ask if I even have feelings.
In conclusion:
I feel like I am drowning with weights attached to my feet, every desperate attempt to swim a futile gesture that only slows my descent into the dark cold abyss of the ocean. Is it even possible for me to reach the surface and breathe?
P.S. I apologize for the length of the post but I wanted to capture at least some of the scope of what troubles me. I was trying to keep it as brief as I could and have left a significant amount out.
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2023.06.02 20:26 RoyalStub77 How long can otocinclus catfish go without food in a planted tank?

It's not super dense growth, there's green spot algae on the glass and diatoms on most surfaces. 20 gallon long. I can leave the light (cheap amazon black bar that sits on rim) on way more than normal to encourage algae growth.
I have 6 otocinclus, 3 neons (yes I know the school is too small), 2 shrimp, and a nerite. I'm going to be on a trip for 2 weeks. Their bellies are already not super fat, but not thin either, they're within a normal range of belly.
I just moved the tank, actually, from one house to another, so things are a bit disrupted too. Not sure if this is good (more algae) or bad (more pollution).
There's no real way to get a fish sitter or an auto feeder (which would only overfeed anyway).
Super scared right now, because I can't cancel the trip.
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2023.06.02 20:26 AVAfandom Nassau to Exuma day trip - powerboat or plane? Which is better?

Needing a local or frequent Bahamas visitor to help me out with advice! I'm visiting Nassau this summer and have been looking around at the various half and full day trips. I'm not particular on what I "have" to see and do, this is more about relaxing - I've seen some that are nearby Rose Island and feeding the pigs (though apparently this isn't the "real pig area") vs visiting Exuma for one full day.
My main concern with Exuma is it's quite far and I see that there's the option of a speedboat vs prop plane. It seems like you can fit in more in less time with the plane option. I am traveling with a group that includes 3 kids. Has anyone done the powerboat option? Is it super fast to the point where it's uncomfortable? I can't imagine trekking out on a boat for 2.5 hours, a lot of reviews have said they wish they had flown. It seems like you are in the boat getting there way more hours than you are out of the boat exploring? The other concern is seasickness as some in our party get seasick at choppy water. I guess I'm looking for anyone who has done this Powerboat/explore Exuma trip and back, and asking how it was (apart from the bright shiny marketing and ads!). I wouldn't mind doing the plane version either, as I believe it takes you to the same locations (pigs, iguanas, downed plane, sand bar, sharks), it's just a little more expensive but more comfortable plus I think it would be cool to see the islands from above right? Has anyone done that and can offer insight? It looks like Bahamas Air Tours is the most popular one for that.
If we decide to skip Exuma altogether I suppose we could do Rose Island or the tours that take you around Nassau on golf carts for a day. Would it be easier to just do Rose Island which is close, and fit in as much as I can close-ish to Baha Mar (I'm sure I can see wildlife and snorkel close by). It's all my family's first time visiting the Bahamas. I really want to see a lot but I don't want to be completely sunburned and exhausted and seasick by a one day adventure if that makes sense.
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2023.06.02 20:26 shootcappelinis Trying the 24mm 2.8 g

Trying the 24mm 2.8 g
I’ve been using the 50mm 1.8 on my A7ii the past year. I always kept tabs on what lens I was going to add to my bag, always very hesitant to go for one yet one day in a rush I purchased the 24mm 2.8 g. I wanted it for landscapes, long exposures and architecture. but now I have buyers remorse, I am curious to hear how others feel about this lens to maybe ease my demons, I also was interested in the 35 f1.8, I was mainly considering FE coverage due to my 24mp on the a7ii. Thanks for reading, new to Reddit.
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2023.06.02 20:26 spamcentral Your favorite random gen seeds?

Mine aren't special ones with 10 traders and towns but they're just nostalgic for me, they're decent for any level of experienced player.
InHonor: close spawn to 2 traders within 500m and 3 forges in the cabin POI that has them. The hub city is an island so i built a bridge.
Paradise: you spawn in a snowy biome town
PeaceFul: the weirdest map I've had, the oceans suck but there are island towns and POIs that are super cool for creative building on islands.
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2023.06.02 20:26 bickerbunch International Direct Deposit Problems

I’m a 100% P&T vet living in France and I’ve been trying to get my international direct deposit changed for months now. Every time I call the one phone number for this and press 2, it goes to voicemail.
Anybody else running into this or a contact at the Muskogee VARO I can pester about getting this done? Really anything can help.
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